3 SUVs That Are Increasing in Value

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Ever since the CJ Jeep, the first SUV ever made, appeared on the market more than 80-years ago, the SUV has remained a staple on our roads. Because it holds its own both on and off road, you probably own one, owned one in the past or thought of buying one at one point in your life.

Royalty Free Photo But with more incarnations of the SUV coming off the production each year, you’ve probably grown weary of the modern ones. You yearn for the good, old, rugged SUV. If that’s the case, here are 3 classic SUVs you should look out for.

Jeep CJ-5

As mentioned earlier, the CJ (Civilian Model) was the world’s first SUV. Created at the close of World War II, the CJ brought to the civilian world its military cousin’s reliability, strength, and agility, making it an instant hit. In fact, so popular was this tough SUV that three corporate owners produced it virtually unchanged from 1944 to 1982.

American Motors were always known for their unique options. So, if you want a Jeep, get their most famous edition - the Levi CJ-5. In keeping with the Levi in its name, this model has a denim soft top and a denim-covered interior, raising its price to about $15,500 on average.

Interestingly enough, Ford released the Bronco as a response to the CJ and rapidly overshadowed its competition. Broncos are also increasing in price but are much harder to find as well. However, if you think a modern SUV with a classic SUV feel would better suit your lifestyle, the ford Everest has that authentic look most SUV lovers crave for.

Series II and III Land Rovers

When it comes to reliability, strength, agility, age, and collectible status, only two classic cars can match the legendary jeep - one being the Land Rover. First produced in 1948 - 4 years after the CJ Jeep, the Land Rover Series I started a production run ending 67 years later in 2016 and a cult following that still exists.

Since the early Series I cars are a rare find, their owners rarely put them up for sale even when you do find one. So, look for a late 1950’s Series II or a 1960’s Series III instead, but they’ll cost you. The Series II will set you back about $26,500, and the Series III $22,000 on average.

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ140

In 1951, Toyota produced the Jeep BJ, later giving it its famous name - the Land Cruiser. When the Japanese police ordered 200 of these tough light vehicles, Toyota began a production run continuing to this day. But the one model credited with giving the Land Cruiser brand its world-wide appeal is the FJ140, produced from 1960 to 1984. Off-road enthusiasts still find it appealing three decades later, pushing its price to more than $30,000 on average.

Whether you decide to go for a classic CJ5 or a more recent Land Rover, you’re sure to get bang for your buck with these vintage SUVs. If you manage to get one of these in decent condition, you could have a collectible on your hands.